City of Dead

Shennawy  |  Creative and Critical Writings  |  2023  |  Egypt
Abdou is a sayes, who works hard to earn a living in any way possible. By happenstance, Abdou finds himself in a society he doesn’t know much about and is surprised that his son Emad is a part of this “alternate society,” as he calls it. Emad moves between these two worlds with relative ease, and, with the help of his friend Coma, they meet a French woman named Eugenie, an intern at an engineering company responsible for new projects in Cairo. Abdou finds out there are plans to demolish his mother’s resting place in Basatin cemeteries, and he vows to stop the demolition at any cost, even if it means resorting to his nemesis Sheigkh Sayid. In the process, Abdou  rediscovers his son and his family.