The Absent Map: Rural Jerusalem in an Alternative Narrative

Riwaq- Centre for Architectural Conservation  |  Research on the Arts Program  |  2020  |  Palestine
The present project is a research on the hidden histories of rural Jerusalem, through the experimentation with themes and notions of mapping and counter-mapping. The project aims at emancipating a colonial projection of the city’s history, and a national imagination of icons and symbols, by bringing the agrarian communities of rural Jerusalem to the heart of the process of history-making. 
Through the course of one year, Riwaq will open up its research on rural Jerusalem through an online platform that will serve as a counter-map/anti-map. This platform will be further nourished by the inputs of creative interventions from various disciplines - artists, architects, and anthropologists, who will be invited to develop their research-based interventions within the Jerusalem area. Being an action-based research and perceived as a voicing tool, Riwaq intends to open this platform for the wider public of Jerusalemites and other contributors, to further expand the map's geography.