Nafas; an Egyptian Literary Cookbook

Randa Aboubakr  |  Research on the Arts Program  |  2020  |  Egypt
This project aims at producing a literary cookbook in English, exploring how food is depicted in Egyptian literature and how its literary representations reflect a variety of emotions, socio-economic conditions, and cultural practices. Thus, the project aims at going beyond tracing the consumption, production, and aesthetic appreciation of Egyptian cuisine, towards shedding light on how food permeates all aspects of life in Egypt. The research will do so by introducing excerpts from modern Egyptian literary works translated into English, personal narratives and reflections by the three authors of the book, as well as recipes of the dishes described, alongside photos representing them. The book covers different genres of modern Egyptian literature, and highlights the works of both canonical and emerging writers. Moreover, it seeks to present the variety of food cultures in Egypt, by including works from various regions and ethnic backgrounds such as the Nubian, the Bedouin, and the Amazigh.