White Gold

Amina kadous  |  The Arab Documentary Photography Program  |  2020  |  Egypt
El Mehalla was one of the most popular cities in Egypt. Known as home of Egyptian cotton, or ‘White Gold,’ El Mehalla was not just a fertile ground, but also the most important center for harvesting and spinning white cotton. The photographer’s cotton threads extend three generations back, to the 1960s when her grandfather and great-grandfather planted the first seeds in the ground and began trading in cotton. Later in the 1980s, her father continued to harvest the plant and weave the threads of the family and the photographer history through his textile factory. Through visual evidence, the project aims to find answers. What are the traditions that bind us and make us who we are? And what holds our fabrics together as Egyptians? Through the passing of people, traditions are also passed. They are rooted in us, as worn-out fabrics, always remembered. History also changes, woven everyday by the people of its present.