Out on the Streets

Philip Rizk and Jasmina Metwaly  |  Crossroads  |  2012  |  Egypt
Out on the Street is a film about a group of workers from one of Egypt's working-class neighborhoods, Helwan. In the film, ten working-class men are participating in an acting workshop. Through the rehearsals, stories emerge of factory injustice, police brutality, courts that fabricate criminal charges, and countless tales of corruption and exploitation by their capitalist employers. On a rooftop studio overlooking the heart of Cairo -presented as a space between fact and fiction- the participants move in and out of character as they shape the performance that engages their daily realities.
"Out on the Street" interlaces scenes from the workshop, fiction performances, and mobile phone footage filmed by a worker intended as proof for the courts to stop the destruction of his workplace. This hybrid approach aims to engage a collective imagination, situating the participants and spectators within a broader social struggle.