The Portrait is an Address

Beirut Art Center  |  Visual Arts  |  2016  |  Lebanon
Producer: Dima Hamadeh:
PoTraining and Regional Eventsaits (Ourselves) is the first solo exhibition by Hassan Khan in Beirut, expanding on the thematic of the poTraining and Regional Eventsait in his work. The poTraining and Regional Eventsait has played a pivotal role in Khan's work starting with "100 PoTraining and Regional Eventsaits" (2001) and is represented in various media such as moving images, photographic images, text pieces etc. The exhibition aims to explore the primal relation between how we conceive of a self and its reproduction, which is not merely a representation. It proposes the poTraining and Regional Eventsait as genre, approach, and form, as a trace of mortality, to remember, to prevent disappearance. This exhibition grapples with the possibility of intimacy, the gaps and losses that are necessary for us to make sense of what we see and what we know, the very possibility of making sense itself. It also simply gives the audience a chance to look at others and themselves in a direct, accessible and emotionally powerful way.