Writing Casablanca: Rewriting the places of the city through the literary novel

Youness Loukili  |  Creative and Critical Writings  |  2023  |  Morocco
Countless novelists have believed in the value of their writings on Casablanca or more specifically in their “writing of the city” from their singular position. From their lives, experiences, imaginations and relationship to the city, they created and invented Casablanca in a creative narrative that portrays the city’s dynamic, changing and ambitious image. This project aims to rewrite places in Casablanca through these narrative depictions that novelists have presented in their works in the last decades, narrative depictions and rhetorical devices which sought to represent the city with imagination.

This project is based on three tenets: the first is collecting data, which are the texts which describe the elements of the city, and especially its places. The second is showcasing the data, or choosing the writing style by presenting a network of texts as documents and voices the researcher picks through, categorizes, and links together. This constitutes a second part of the project called “writing with texts.” The third is reading keys, which are a metatextual attempt to put these texts into a theoretical framework and extract meaning.