Behind the Sun

Dhia Jerbi  |  Documentary Film  |  2023  |  Tunisia
Producer: Clothilde Bunod
Behind the Sun is a creative documentary that follows Dhia, a young director living in exile, who carries a deep fear of passing on his stuttering to his young son, Elia. In his pursuit to overcome this challenge, Dhia embarks on a journey of hypnosis and speech therapy sessions. Yet, as these sessions unfold, it becomes evident that his concerns go beyond mere speech impediments. Dhia is haunted by the possibility of passing on a defeatist mentality and a sense of despair that he perceives in those he left in Tunisia, his home country. Drawing parallels with his own father's experience, who left the country after political unrest in the late 80s, and his own departure after the 2011 revolution, the documentary tells the story of Dhia’s fears that his son may encounter a similar fate.