The Myth of Mahmoud

Mayar Hamdan  |  Documentary Film  |  2023  |  Palestine
Producer: Shaima Al Tamimi
In The Myth of Mahmoud, Mayar picks up the camera to capture the lives of her maternal family, who have resided in Doha for over six decades. The film is led by her mother, Amal, who hides her grief over the loss of her father, Mahmoud, and her state of displacement, behind her sarcastic demeanor. Amal grapples with the daunting task of determining their next home as her residency of 60 years in Doha is coming to an end after she has received an“end of service” letter. While Mayar chooses to relocate to the United States, Amal faces the weighty decision of where to go and how to care for her elderly mother and emotionally unstable sister, Wafaa, all of whom deal with trauma in their own absurd ways.