The Woman I've Never Called Mum

Sabrina Idiri Chemloul  |  Documentary Film  |  2023  |  Algeria
Producer: Delphine Morel
The Woman I’ve Never Called Mum explores the spontaneous exchanges between the filmmaker and her estranged mother, Fatima, a retired woman living alone in Oran, Algeria, when the two share an apartment for a few months. For Sabrina, it is a way of stepping into the private bubble Fatima has built, a bubble built by a woman who has never done the right thing, who had a child out of wedlock and sent her away, who strangely doesn’t speak a word of Arabic. Living together and filmmaking will merge in The Woman I’ve Never Called Mum, Sabrina will be filming, audio-recording and holding spontaneous conversations from behind the camera, capturing her daily life in a way that will enable her story to go with the flow of the time they spend together.