Bitter Seed

Camélia Gadhgadhi  |  Documentary Film  |  2023  |  Algeria
Producer: Antoine Goldet
Bitter Seed tells the story of Lamine and his daughter Camélia, a filmmaker, as they navigate different approaches to their Algerian heritage. Lamine is a Parisian cab driver who emigrated from Algeria in 1990. His passion is golf, and he cherishes his daughter. Their exchanges often turn into an identity debate about their Algerian origins. Camélia is proud and always curious to discover more about the culture, but Lamine is determined to erase all traces of them. During one of their many arguments, he casually announces his plan to Frenchify their family name. Camélia can't stand what she sees as an injustice. To get answers to her questions, she decides to follow him in his taxi with her camera and understand better what has led him to take a distance from his identity.