Galactic Crush

Stephanie Kayal and Abed Kobeissy  |  Performing Arts  |  2023  |  Lebanon
The events of Galactic Crush take place in a parallel universe, where, in retaliation to decades of evil and corruption, a dancer anti-hero and her tactical-support, side-kick musician form a cheaply equipped and loosely organized crime-fighting power couple to exact justice.

With good intentions and no experience whatsoever, the power couple is an approximation of contemporary Beirut. Dramatized figures on stage (Stephanie Kayal and Abed Kobeissy), accompanied by a light designer in the control room (Pôl Seif), go through quixotic bouts of self-proclaimed heroism all the while staring into total despair. Galactic Crush flirts with the notion of fiction, in order to salvage it, as, in this parallel universe, the absurd reality has deprived fiction of power to exaggerate.