Sally Shalabi  |  Research on the Arts Program  |  2020  |  Jordan
The research aims to explore sung prose, known as zaghareed, with its singers and transmission, and to provide a comparative review of the geographic and socio-economic contexts of the zaghareed and their singers. The project will apply an intersectional approach to identity, widening the scope of research and looking at how they can become a contemporary art form. The research will be conducted using three different approaches: a literature review of published Zaghareed; field research, to be conducted in four locations in Jordan; and  reading groups that will review, reflect and discuss the research. 
The research will document and provide a comparative analysis of the zaghareed.  The work will be published electronically through various existing platforms, and distributed to various archival libraries. More specifically, the research outputs will include one to two articles addressing various aspects of the research questions and inputs from the literary review and reading groups; sound recordings of the collected zaghareed; and a booklet documenting the process, the articles, and zaghareed with reflections and a comparative analysis of the findings.