Arts et Pouvoir : Recherche sur l'instrumentalisation de l'art et de la culture au Maroc

Aadel Essaadani  |  Research on the Arts Program  |  2019  |  Morocco
The research questions the effectiveness of cultural public policies in Morocco, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the ability to structurally support the country's social, economic and political transitions. The present research proposes, in a context of scarce evaluations, an analysis of the objectives, whether apparent or latent, of the elaboration and the management of different cultural public policies in Morocco since its independence in 1956, and until today. The initial hypothesis stems from the instrumentalization of artistic creation and art diffusion since the institutionalization of cultural policies in Morocco. A particular focus will be given to period the followed the February 2011 movement, corresponding to the Arab Spring.
In a first and general step, this research will focus on detailing and analyzing the history of this instrumentalization since the independence and until February 20, 2011. The second part will examine the post-February 20 period, while the third and final part will be devoted to the analysis of four sectoral cultural policies in four different disciplines: music, theater, cinema and visual arts. The aim is to detect the state’s objectives for each of the four disciplines in terms of support, regulation, creation, diffusion, audiences…
In addition to the documentary research and the digging into existing literature, the research protocol will be based on qualitative interviews conducted in different Moroccan cities with practitioners and political as well as administrative decision-makers (past and present), who have developed or managed a global or sectoral policy in the four artistic disciplines: film, theater, visual arts and music.