Unpacking the #SudanUprising: Art, Artificial Intelligence & Grassroots Activism

Andariya  |  Research on the Arts Program  |  2019  |  Sudan
The project aims to collect, document, publish and share empirical case studies and analyzed data from 5 different cities representing the highest and most dynamic artistic and grassroots activism and influence on the #SudanUprising. The investigation probes into the means and methods of communication and use of art and digital media to mobilize communities around revolutionary activities and demands. It utilizes multimedia storytelling to highlight key events underlying revolutionary currents. Using artificial intelligence, Andariya plans to aggregate large amounts of data, compile digestible data-sets and verify news and content shared during the revolution for misinformation and fake news origins and trends.
The investigation will answer the following questions: How did grassroots activism capitalize on art and digital media to sustain the Sudan uprising? How did socio-political and economic events affect the grassroots mobilization before and during the revolution? How did grassroots activism overcome the digital blackouts and crackdown during the Sudan uprising? What were artists’ free expression limitations and opportunities before and after the revolution? How do they envision artistic spaces post-revolution? What pockets of fake news and misinformation can artificial intelligence identify while scanning existing data?