eka3  |  Arts and Culture Entrepreneurship  |  2019  |  Egypt
Eka3, founded in Cairo (2007), is a fully independent Pan-Arab music business incubator, dedicated to empowering the Arabic music market to become a quality-driven, globally competitive, sustainable industry; by offering strategic, financial, administrative and marketing support to music businesses that fill a market gap, for each of those businesses to become self-sustainable independently on the long run. Our incubated businesses have so far produced, distributed, toured, promoted, commissioned, and published more than 100 artists & musicians across the Arab region.

Emerging primarily as a record label, Eka3 evolved with different entrepreneurs to now
incubate five different ventures that aim to support the Arabic music landscape in:
Mostakell-Record label, almoharek booking agency, Simsara for PR and Management,
Ma3azef online music magazine and Awyav for Publishing