Suspended Between the Second and the Third Kiss

Petra Serhal  |  Performing Arts  |  2019  |  Lebanon

Suspended Between the Second and the Third Kiss is a choreography by Petra Serhal dealing with the corporal experience of the individual and the collective in moments that oscillate between intimacy and control. The choreography investigates the relations of power in intimate relationships and dance, and experiments with the limits of the body through movement and sound. This opens for a new spatial, choreographic and sonic experience that interrogates how our bodies perceive, absorb, relate, react, and endure these moments.

Co-Producer: Sasha Ussef | Technical Director: Gregor Knüppel | Sound Designer: Fadi Tabbal (Tunefork Studios) | Performers: Petra Serhal and Martin Angiuli \ Assistant Choreographer: Elisabetta Gareri | Dramaturgy in collaboration with Margrit Sengebusch | Stylist: Bshara Atallah | Production Coordinator: Malin Bassner| Technical and Scenography assistant: Daniel Choueiry | Visual Design: David Habchy