Orthodox Intifada

Nahed Awwad  |  Documentary Film  |  2018  |  Palestine
‘Orthodox Intifada’ is a feature documentary set in the Bethlehem region, a Palestinian area in the core of what is known as the ‘Holy Land’. Following extraordinary characters from the local Christian community, it deals with the social and political effects of the Greek control over the Roman Orthodox church and this Palestinian Christian community. The story unfolds through the eyes of the local filmmaker accompanying friends and relatives who fight for their community’s rights. At the same time, she attempts to come to terms with her upbringing and social norms. The film deals with problems caused by decisions of the Greek Patriarchate in the Roman Orthodox Church, which increasingly presents itself as a foreign body with foreign interests. The activists oppose the Greek domination and demand change of leadership. They want to have their own people to set the Church’s affairs and a Patriarch who answers to local interests. For some, especially the older generation, this constitutes heresy.