Damien Ounouri  |  Cinema  |  2010  |  Algeria
In Arabic, Fidaï means “the one who dedicates his life to a cause.” This documentary revisits one man’s memories of being a fighter for Algeria’s liberation from French colonialism. Director Damien Ounouri’s great-uncle, El Hadi, joined his sister in France during the Algerian Revolution, becoming an active member of a secret armed group of the National Liberation Front. Settling of scores, attempted murder, hiding, imprisonment, and finally, deportation back to Algeria in 1962, El Hadi's personal journey tells the story of countless anti-colonial ex-fighters and echoes the current effervescence of the Arab World. Today, at the age of seventy, El Hadi reveals this dark part of his life for the first time, helping to ensure this significant phase of Algerian history will not be forgotten.