To All Naked Men

Bassam Chekhes  |  Cinema  |  2014  |  Syria
Producer: Rami Nihawi
One night, Salman wakes up frightened. He must escape the investigation taking place in his dream, as he realizes he knew more about the crime than he cared to remember. The hidden body is Salma’s, his missing sister. Surprisingly, she now has a ten-year old son, Wael, who welcomes Salman back to the family. Salman is living alone. A few years ago, he succeeded to run away from Syria, and he settled on the outskirts of Beirut. He works as a seller, driving his rusty pickup and trading in anything that makes money. But these journeys never threaten his life as much as the ones in his sleep, as they begin to reveal the circumstances of his sister’s disappearance.