I loved You

Sahar Taha  |  Music  |  2011  |  Lebanon
The production of a musical album containing ten songs. The content is that of divine feminine love by mystic poetesses and women writers from the second century of the Islamic calendar to the present day. It was the sayings and verses of these women that constituted the first seed of what came to be known as the principle, science or ways of “mysticism.” The album will include eight to ten mystic poems by Hayyuna, Rabi'a al-Adwiyya, Rehana and Maymuna of the second and third Muslim calendar centuries; Atika Khazraji, Lami’a Abbas Amara, Basema Butuli, Huda Numani and perhaps others of different nationalities belonging to the past century and before. The music will be contemporary, albeit unclassifiable except insofar as it will be a both meditative and rhythmic form of music. The rhythms will vary within the framework of contemplative meditative forms using a variety of oriental and western modes to fittingly reflect the fusion of world styles and the dialogue between them in which the ear can also sing