Fifteen Hours in Prison

Rola El Hussein  |  The AFAC Novel Writing Program  |  2016  |  Lebanon
The novel is set in one place: prison / detention room. The story begins with the arrival of the only character to the prison and ends the moment she leaves. Other characters, other women prisoners, do appear at times, but we know nothing about them, except how our main character sees them. The story takes place in the woman/main character ‘s about her shock, fear, expectations about what might be happening outside is happening on the outside while she’s in jail, trying to find a positive side of her being here, in an attempt to cope with her existence in this place. We may not know why she was behind the bars or what she did for a living or how old she was, but after 15 hours in prison we will learn her biggest fears and issues, her agonies and promises to herself, her expectations, her dearest people, her weaknesses and her solutions.