Tunisia’s Performing Arts Lab

Moez Mrabet  |  AFAC Express  |  2012  |  Tunisia
It has been a year and a half since bringing down Ben Ali’s dictatorial regime and Tunisia is in a political deadlock. Confusion and immaturity has marked the performance of our political parties and rulers. Dispersion and demise has been the fate of our opposition activists. The growing influence of the counterrevolution is increasing in the face of the intellectuals’ failure to enforce it’s views and to bridge the growing division between ideals and realities. The Tunisian Performing Arts Laboratory is a series of ‘itinerant workshops’ organized to take place in different parts of the country (north-west in Sijnan, center in Qafor, south east in Bani Khaddash) in order to facilitate interaction with the Tunisian people amidst their ‘typical’ environment and ordinary social milieus. Citizens will be invited to engage in performances and practical exercises in the manner of the ‘Performing Arts of the Oppressed’ school and techniques.