Al Marseilleise Al'Arabi

Mazen Kerbaj  |  Visual Arts  |  2014  |  Lebanon
The project is to publish for the first time Al Marseilleise Al ‘Arabi (“The Arabic Marseilleise”), an important text by one of the greatest modern Arab poets and writers, the Syrian Mohammad Al Maghout (1934-2006). The play was staged in February 1975 in Orly Theater in Hamra, Lebanon. After a month and a half of full house performances, it stopped due to the beginning of the Lebanese civil war. The last performance was the “matinee” of April the 13th; the “soirée” show was cancelled, and the actors never returned. The set remained on the theater stage until the mid-80’s. By adapting Mohammad Al Maghout artwork into a graphic novel, Kerbaj’s project is to release this text from anonymity, and to reawaken the period when it was written and performed.