The Victory Sign

Maya Chami  |  Research/Training/Regional Events  |  2011  |  Lebanon
This project seeks to examine what the consequences of digital material fluidity will be on exploring the theme of the “victory sign” in the Arab world from our visual records. After examining archive material, endless possibilities of animating, overlaying and deconstructing of audio-visual clips will be generated into a new moving image, liberated from the “flow” of the media, transforming the material from “what we have seen” to “what we have to say about victory”. The outcome will be live performances based on a creation of remixed visuals and audio clips that will be played out in the “liveness” of today's events. A blog dedicated to the project will be created from the start of the project, where all the material gathered will be available, online, under creative commons. One edited version of the entire project, capturing parts of the different live shows, will be uploaded online at the end of the project