Arab and Gender in the 2011 Revolution

Leila Tayeb  |  Research/Training/Regional Events  |  2011  |  Libya
The project aims to document art associated with the 2011 Libyan revolution with the specific angle of analyzing the gender politics of this art and its production. It also aims to offer a substantive contribution to contemporary art history in a new democratic Libya and to contribute to a process of rebuilding Libya, which includes art among its priorities. The project will specifically research the questions of gender in the art of the 2011 Libyan revolution, using material gathered from the creation of two distinct products: The first is a scholarly article to be published in a special issue of the Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication in early 2012. The second product will be a documentary film project undertaken in collaboration with Egyptian filmmaker, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, which also addresses questions of gender as it showcases some of the art of the revolution