Critical Analysis and study of a previously unknown novel by Francis Al-Marrash

Charbel Dagher  |  Literature  |  2013  |  Lebanon
During the grantee’s research, he discovered an unknown literary work by author Francis Al-Marrash (1836 – 1874) with the title “Durr Al-Sadaf fi Ghara’ib al-Sudaf” (The Shining Pearls of Odd Coincidences). This work was published in 1872 and distributed for a second edition by Shaheen Mecarius in the Egyptian magazine “Al-Lataef” in 1886. This project aims to conduct a critical review of this newly discovered text by comparing it with the previous two editions and then studying the historical and critical aspects of this literary work, to shed light on one of the pioneers of modern Arab Creative and Critical Writings.