The Day Azrael Committed Suicide

Arthur Yak  |  The AFAC Novel Writing Program  |  2014  |  Sudan
The novel begins at a police division in the city of Juba, the capital of southern Sudan, where an ethnic massacre took place on December 16, 2013 and no trial was held. Then the novel takes another turn: instead of being primarily a political novel, it starts addressing the tribal issues from a purely sociological perspective. Captain Franco, who comes from an ethnic background, cannot tell how many shots he has fired from his Kalashnikov rifle and killed victims of whom he knew nothing except that they belonged to a different tribe than his. Franco himself is a victim of witnessing his mother being tortured by his father. This torture became a sort of rite his father would practice before making love to her: he would whip her and laugh as she wept and screamed before he made love to her, then he would regret what he did to her and would start crying his heart out. This is how Captain Franco grew up. He lives in solitude and avoids people while harboring a strong hatred towards his father. Franco's father, Mariel, got married in a strange way. As he was having a premarital affair with Franco’s mother, Jastina got pregnant with her child Franco by a man other than Mariel. Mariel was the only one who knew this secret and he married her after convincing her parents that it was his child. Suddenly, the capital was swept by the wildfire of random assassinations which soon turned into a raging war that started eating up the country. This has left significant rips and tears in the social fabric between rival ethnicities. All this hatred, death, displacement, homelessness, mass killing in a nascent country! At the beginning, Azrael was happy to reave all these souls, but soon enough despair and frustration crept into him and death has become unbearable even for the Archangel of Death himself.