Khartoum in Art Residency for Puppet Performing Arts

Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation  |  Training and Regional Events  |  2011  |  Sudan
The Khartoum Art Residency in puppet Performing Arts is the third art residency held by APTF for Arab puppetry practitioners and practitioners from related fields. It is a space of encounter, skills development and knowledge sharing for around 15 participants from different Arab cities, villages and refugee camps. Participants interested in puppet Performing Arts, as a profession or as a method in their work processes, will be invited to apply for the residency, which for a period of 3 weeks, takes the form of a school where intensive training in puppetry and its different manifestations is offered by Arab and international artists. Participants gain skills and insights on how to develop puppetry work in relation to their context. Together they experience creating a puppet Performing Arts production that becomes a public event in the host city (Khartoum) on the last day