“Ibn al-3am Online”

Ali Atassi  |  AFAC Express  |  2011  |  Syria
A poTraining and Regional Eventsait of the Syrian revolution, this film turns to the prominent leftist opposition leader Riyad Al-Turk, age 83, who is known as Syria’s Mandella and continues his activism clandestinely from inside Syria. The film director, however, is based in the Lebanese capital Beirut and is unable to return to Syria where Riyad lives – usually in hiding between the two cities of Damascus and Homs. Information technology and social media emerge as crucial communication tools – particularly Skype. Not only are they part of the film’s storyline, they are also important parts of the documenting and filming process itself. While there are two film crews working on this project, one in Beirut and one in Damascus, a third lens-and-screen, that of Skype, is included as part of the film’s visual construction.