We Dreamt of Utopia and We Woke Up Screaming

Yasmina Reggad  |  Visual Arts  |  2018  |  Algeria
"We Dreamt of Utopia and We Woke Up Screaming" is a durational polyphonic and polyglot performance inspired by various radio genres and documentary theatre that activates the results of a long-term research on the unexplored archive of the radio of movements of liberation that voiced the struggles and hopes of the emerging Third World of the 60s and 70s on the Radiodiffusion television algérienne (RTA). It seeks to highlight turning points in global history and the mapping of the mobility of otherwise invisible actors, ‘freedom fighters’ that plotted and contributed to avant-garde propositions such as the ‘Third World project’, Pan-Arabism, Pan-Africanism, the New Economic order and the Non-Aligned movement.