AFAC’s first grant cycle for 2023 is open! Here’s everything you need to know to apply
1 / 2 / 2023

The time for AFAC’s first grant cycle has arrived, and we at AFAC would like to invite you to explore the opportunities that our various grant programs aim to provide.

Each of our four programs in this cycle – Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Creative and Critical Writings, and AFAC Documentary Program – has a dedicated landing page where you can see all the details, including the eligibility criteria for applications and the types of projects that each program supports. But in order to help potential applicants orient themselves before diving into the details, we have given below a snapshot of the main features of the four programs and click throughs to the landing pages if you feel like you are ready to dive deeper.

A few quick things to keep in mind:

The deadline to submit your application: April 4, 2023, at 17:00 Beirut time (+3 GMT), exclusively online, via the AFAC website.

If you have any questions about the process or the grants please review our FAQs section and our layout of the evaluation process. If your questions are still not answered, you can reach out to our grants management team for grant-related questions or to our content management team for technical questions.

We hope to see your applications land in our virtual mailbox soon! You can click here to go to our application portal where you can begin your application.

We will be announcing the grantees in August, which will be a chance to congratulate the selected artists and for all of us to get an exciting look at new works in progress.

Who can apply?

AFAC is open to receive project applications from all individuals from the Arab region working in arts and culture irrespective of age, years of experience, country of residence (the Arab region or the diaspora), race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

AFAC also accepts proposals from local, regional, and international institutions whose projects are related to Arab culture. These include artistic, cultural, social, and educational institutions, curators, centers and organizations, governmental and non-governmental, that are engaging with contemporary Arab arts and culture.

Visual Arts
The AFAC Visual Arts grant supports painting, sculpture, photography, installations, audiovisual arts, publications concerned with visual arts (artist’s books or other), and multimedia works. The grant also supports exhibitions, as well as art production.

AFAC’s Visual Arts program provides annual grants up to US$20,000 for individuals and teams and up to US$35,000 for collectives and institutions.

For the full grant details, click here.

Performing Arts
The AFAC Performing Arts grant supports traditional, folk, and experimental theater for all age groups, dance performances, art interventions, street art, live art, interactive and site-specific installations, documentary theater, and festivals. It also supports playwriting, acting, directing, dancing, and choreography workshops.

AFAC’s Performing Arts grant provides annual support up to US$25,000 for individuals and teams and up to US$35,000 for collectives and institutions.

For the full grant details, click here.

Creative and Critical Writings
The AFAC Creative and Critical Writings grant provides support to critical writing on arts and culture, theatrical writings, children’s and youth literature (including both adaptations and original works), graphic novels, short stories, and poetry, in addition to analog and digital publishing platforms. The final product must be in Arabic.

The program provides annual grants up to US$20,000 for individuals and teams and up to $35,000 for institutions and collectives.

For the full grant details, click here.

AFAC Documentary Program
The AFAC Documentary Program welcomes submissions of feature-length documentary film projects that are in development, production or post-production phases, as well as short and medium-length documentaries in production and post-production.

The program provides annual grants up to US$10,000 for development grants, up to US$50,000 for production grants, and up to US$25,000 for post-production grants.

For the full grant details, click here.