AFAC’s Annual Report 2020 Is Out
27 Jul 2021

Accounting for an unusual year, whose repercussions have tremendously impacted the arts and culture sector worldwide, the AFAC Annual Report 2020 is out, available for view on our website.

The report has been configured in a dynamic format. It weaves stories around AFAC’s various programs, initiatives and news, including grantees news of recognition, outreach activities of the AFAC team, communication efforts, and many others.

Documenting a momentous year, the report also offers invaluable insights about the AFAC applicants, grantees and jurors of the year 2020, in terms of both general grant-making and emergency support schemes.

In addition, voice capsules by jurors from across AFAC’s grants categories, are integrated in the report, thereby adding a rich layer of insightful reflections on the trends and highlights captured during the various jury meetings.

Listen to violinist Layale Chaker, as she describes what she discovered about herself during confinement; tune in to Lara Khaldi’s views on Covid-19 and art institutions; dive into the panoply of media clippings that cover AFAC’s initiatives. Read it on your desktop and mobile.

* For optimal viewing of this report, feel free to double-click on the flipping pages in order to zoom in.