Nuha Innab

Nuha Innab is a Palestinian/Jordanian architect and urban researcher based in Amman. She obtained her MA in urbanism from Stuttgart University and Ain Shams University and a Bachelor of Architecture from Jordan University. She published a book that used photography documentation as a medium for research titled Traces of Socialism funded by the Arab Funds for Art and Culture (AFAC).

Nuha’s practice is based on photography, analytical research, archival analysis, mapping, design, and public interventions. She is the founder of the digital archive for architecture in AmmanPLOT_436. This platform follows and explores the idea of the iconic in architecture and how it changes around politics and economic shifts.

Nuha also co-founded OPPA for Research and Architecture along with Saba Innab in 2019, which is concerned with the built environment, urban contexts, and the sociopolitical inscriptions on space.