Nour Bishouty


Nour Bishouty is an artist working in a range of media including works on paper, digital images, sculpture, video, and writing. Her work engages with marginal narratives to pose questions around dissonance and opacity, especially in histories overwritten by dispossession and displacement. Bishouty’s work has been exhibited internationally including at Gallery 44: Centre for Contemporary Photography, Toronto (2022); the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto (2021); Darat Al Funun, Amman (2017); Casa Arabe, Madrid (2016); Access Gallery, Vancouver (2015); the Mosaic Rooms, London (2015); and the Beirut Art Centre, Beirut (2014). Her artist book 1—130: Selected works Ghassan Bishouty b. 1941 Safad, Palestine — d. 2004 Amman, Jordan, edited by Jacob Korczynsci, was co-published in 2020 by Art Metropole (Toronto) and Motto Books (Berlin) with the support of AFAC.