Mohamed Altoum

He is a visual artist from Sudan has been working as an independent Photographer and filmmaker for the past years.     He Co-founded the first photographic collective in Sudan, the 'Sudanese PhotographersGroup'.   to promote and develop photography in Sudan.    Through His journey, He tries to reveal His perception of the world through visual content and narrative.   His works have been featured in Al- Jazeera, World Press Photo, The HuffPost and numerous exhibitions and festivals in Africa and Europe.     He studied Documentary and photojournalism photography in Hochschule Hannover University of applied sciences and arts in Germany.    He Holds Two Awards as A Visual Artist 2016 - 2017, Through photography & Cinematography He would like to discover himself as much as he can and be more open to looking at the world around Him.    He loves to take His ideas and His observations and turn them into something that other people can understand in a more profound way than just his telling them.    Through photography, He communicates with others, and through it, people learn about the stories He wants to tell.     He uses His camera to help articulate experiences, struggles, and aspirations hoping to inspire people to consider, with a questioning eye, their ways of life, their environment, their roles, how various systems work, and ways to improve their lives and contribute to the world.    He seeks to document His personal experiences and with this personal vision send a message worth sharing.