Khyam Allami

Khyam Allami​ (b. 1981 Damascus) is an Iraqi multi-instrumentalist musician and composer. He began ​his musical path by studying the violin​ in Damascus and moved on to guitar and bass before settling as a drummer in various rock bands during his teens in London. In 2004 he started studying Oud with Ehsan Emam in London whilst completing BA and Masters degrees in Ethnomusicology at SOAS, University of London. Following the release of his widely praised debut solo Oud album ​Resonance/Dissonance (2011), he travelled tirelessly across Europe and the Arab world performing as an Oud soloist, a drummer in Tamer Abu Ghazaleh’s quartet, co-founded the band Alif and launched his record label Nawa Recordings. He has composed for various theatre and film productions, most predominantly Leyla Bouzid's award-winning debut feature film ​As I Open My Eyes ​(2015).