Hussam Aliwat

Passionate, fiery, tormented. This is the relationship Hussam Aliwat has with his Oud. Since the age of 12, the self-taught composer and musician of Palestinian origin seems to tame the instrument, make it sing, roar or cry.    It was in 2011 that Hussam,  and his Oud arrived in Paris to develop his career and finish film studies. Barely two months later, he charmed the New Morning before appearing in other Parisian venues and meeting the Brazilian percussionist Ze Luis Nascimento, with whom he created a duet project in 2013.    In 2015, Hussam began composing his first solo album and began looking for new musicians and partners to accompany his musical journey and cohabit with the temperament of his Oud. Surrounded by two cellos (Sary Khalifé and Raphaël Jouan) and a drums (Nicolas Goussot) he created his own quartet with whom recorded his first album.    Thus was born the "Hussam Aliwat Quartet"; an emotional music, kinematic and dense, between oriental heritage, rock spirit and jazz modulations.  The quartet launches in April 2017 and plays at the "Sunset-Sunside" in Paris, before playing in several cities and festivals, including the Jazz Contreband festival.    In the meantime, in 2016, Aliwat collaborated on the creation of Swedish composer and contrabassist Lars Danielsson's "European Sound Trend", with a group of renowned jazz musicians, and as a guest on his album "Liberetto III".      At the end of 2018, the young virtuoso won the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) scholarship, which enabled him to produce and record his first album entitled "Born Now", due out in 2019.