Mohamedali Ltaief

Mohamedali Ltaief (Dali) is a Tunisian Berlin-based visual artist, writer and director.  He studied philosophy at the university of human sciences Tunis and Diploma at L’Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Tunis. Born 1984 in Tunis, Grown up in the suburbs of Tunis, worked and collaborated in different artistical and political under an anonymous name.  During the “Tunisian revolution”, he Co-founded with Tunisians visual artists the art-group “Ahl al-kahf”, the anonymous group was showing in Tunis and internationally happenings and lectures, “Dogma” (video) and “Public annoy” (performance). 2013 he joined MOTUS, performed, art work and text in Nella Tempesta (performance), Caliban Cannibal (performance), CALL ME X (installation) and Hello Stranger (Publication), touring within the project 2011> 2068 ANIMALE POLITICO with Silvia Calderoni on stage.   2018 Ltaief represented “trans.resist” in “semana de nueva dramaturgia alemana” Mexico City.   Currently, he's writing a new piece with Darja Stocker for Theater Basel (2019/20) under the title   "HUNDERT JAHRE WEINEN ODER HUNDERT BOMBEN WERFEN" (schaefersphilippen publisher).  His work has been exhibited and presented on Santarcangelo Festival (Rimini), Festspielhaus Hellerau (Dresden), Spielart Art in Resistance (Munich), HKW (Berlin), MAXXI (Rome), Black box theater (Oslo), National library of Tunisia (Tunis) and elsewhere.