Ayman Boujlida

A multi award winning drummer and composer, Ayman Boujlida has found a unique musical voice as a result of his passion for jazz, classical music and Tunisian folk. The native-born Tunisian (Amazigh) musician has been exposed in his early age to North African Traditional music, he began touring as a local musician while persuing a degree in Ethnomusicology. Few years later, Ayman’s love for music has taking him to India where he lived, studied and played Indian music with living legends including Dr. Ghatam Karthik, Vishuwa Mohan Bhatt and Prasanna. Mr Boujlida has later moved to New York City. He graduated from the prestigious New School of Jazz with a strong merit scholarship and soon established a name for him self performing his music all over the US. His reputation has steadily grown with every performance and he is rapidly becoming one of the most brilliant drummer composer of his generation.