Association du Festival du film palestinien à Paris

The Festival Ciné-Palestine is a project that was founded by a group of cinephiles sharing the conviction that culture can be a forceful tool in the fight against political injustice.

The festival’s organising committee and the Palestinian Film Festival in Paris Association were set up in order to successfully see this project through. The Association is the driving force behind the project in terms of artistic content, partnerships and fundraising.

The Festival’s organizing committee, which is made up entirely of volunteers, is divided into task

forces through which each volunteer can contribute his/her professional skills and passions towards the goal of promoting Palestinian film.

Since our debut, collaborative group work and the training of new committee members who are rapidly delegated responsibilities are at the heart of the FCP’s working methods.

Some figures from our previous editions

FCP 2015

16 screenings

40 films

12 feature-length films

28 short films

1545 spectators

12 Palestinian special guests

26 partners

FCP 2016

21 screenings

30 films

14 feature-length films

16 short films

2300 spectators

13 Palestinian special guests

29 partners

FCP 2017

19 screenings

27 films

14 feature-length films

13 short films

2700 spectators

18 Palestinian special guests

22 partners

FCP 2018

22 screenings

28 films

15 feature-length films

13 short films

2000 spectators

15 Palestinian special guests

33 partners

It should also be noted that the FCP is a beautiful, collective and inclusive human adventure. Although our means are relatively modest, we have been able, thanks to all those who have supported us, to make this annual event an unmissable opportunity for encounters and discussions of Palestinian film.