Abdallah Daif

Abdalla Daif is a performing artist, and producer. His artworks challenge the concept of authority, through enhancing the artistic practices as a method of deep democracy and social transformation, ultimately encouraging audiences to discover, imagine, and co-create possible new scenarios of social life. Daif’s work seeks to bring contemporary artistic practices closer to people who are usually removed from cultural and social participation, in order to enable them to re-think their lives and our shared future in creative and critical ways.    Daif, has been widely recognized as a cultural manager, whose work focuses on contemporary artistic, cultural and urban practices. Through his work as strategic planner and program manager for Gudran Association for Art and Development,2004-2018.      In 2015, Abdalla Daif returned to present his performances, “Wa Kan Abohma Salahan” (2015) work in progress, about the urban change in Alexandria city; “The Store” (2016), supported by British Council, EU Delegation Cairo, and Nassim El-Raqs festival, and D-CAF 2018, Also he presented “ NAAR DE NEDERLANDERS” in Leiden, Nederland 2018, He works Now in Developing “ Untold Trauma” Supported by AFAC, “Dialogue on Difference “ Supported by Szenenwechsel / Change of Scene, and produced by Theatercombinat, Vienna.