Laila Demashqieh and Rand Abdul Nour

The co-founders of Alolbah are passionate about creativity, community service, and education.

Rand Abdul Nour, an artist, specializes in drawing and painting across different mediums. Her artwork explores a wide range of topics related to the human experience, often with a sociopolitical edge. Rand has extensive experience in film and media production, as well as art education, having taught various art forms at King's Academy and the University of Jordan.

Laila Demashqieh is an artist who works in various mediums and has a focus on art education. Recently, she has been preparing to launch a solo exhibition in Amman. She has dedicated her time to serving communities in need as an artist-educator in the NGO sector. She has curated student exhibitions, developed art curriculum, and participated in events including Art Dubai, Sikka Art Fair and Amman Art Week.