Toufik Douib

I am an independent events’ director and curator of initiatives that focus on the Maghreb-Arab art scene.      Having an art qualification and a Masters in cultural events’ management earned me eclectic views in both public and private creative sectors, from the Ministry of Culture in Algeria (Museum of Fine Arts) to international galleries and festivals (London, Brighton, Tunis).     I have produced and collaborated in various multidisciplinary projects which aim at building partnership groundwork and opportunities between East and West creative scenes, namely in live performance 'the London Algerian Ballet' (2012-2014), visual art shows with 'Algerianism' (2015) and Pop Art from North Africa’(2017) as well as film, through a series of short movie screenings '{Un}told Stories' (2018).     I am currently the coordinator of ‘DIGI-MENA’ online research-platform dedicated to digital artists from the MENA region. DIGI-DZ festival has been initiated to present for the first time the platform in Algeria.