Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research

Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research is an artist-run autonomous cultural center founded by Annemarie and  Emily Jacir in Bethlehem, Palestine founded in 2018. The house was built in 1890 by al-Mukhtar Yusuf Jacir, great-great-grandfather of the two artists. Dar Jacir for Art and Research’s areas of focus are the arts as well as history, archive with a specific focus on the local community. Dar Jacir is currently building a research center to house the Jacir Ottoman archives — a vast collection of rare visual and textual material from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Dar Jacir will be hosting a small residency program, a landscape residency and cultivating of green spaces, and a myriad of activities, including workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, and master classes. The center will also provide a place for local as well as visiting international artists and scholars to come and stay.