Samir Ferjani

PhD in Cultural Sciences and in Music and Musicology and of the Master’s Degree in Music and Musicology, I got my Flute Diploma at the Higher Institute of Music in Sousse.    My experience in playing and instructing flute exceeds 30 years as I had an advanced training course in flute in Lausanne - Switzerland in 1991 at Swiss Romande Orchestra, which was preceded by a training course in the International Centre of Musical Training in Nice - France in 1989 under the supervision of Alain Marion - Flute solo at the Opera of Paris.   Being a senior lecturer of music at the higher institutes of music in Sousse and Tunis, I’ve had the opportunity to teach and instruct music for several years. In 1994, I’ve got the first medal of the jury in the Regional Music Competition in Picardie. In 1995, I underwent a training course in musical computing and Flute midi at IRCAM in Paris dealing with new technologies of music and diverse instruments under the supervision of the Flute Midi specialist Pierre André Valade. In the same year, I’ve had a training course in orchestra conducting in the Conservatory of Paris. By the year 1996, I’ve been awarded the Flute Teaching Diploma by the National School of Music in Paris (ENMP) supervised by Claudine Clautoure (student of Jean-Pierre Rampal).     I’ve performed as Flutist with the jazz band ContempArabic Jazz Ensemble in several countries. From 1998 up to summer 2004 we’ve had several tours in Switzerland, France, Egypt, Greece, Morocco and Tunisia and we participated in renowned international festivals.   Furthermore, I composed a number of symphonies and overtures as well as the musical arrangement of many radio serial especially for the Regional Radio of Monastir.  I’ve been awarded during this rich career the 1st prize of composition in the Arab Radio Television Festival in Cairo (2010) in additions to my albums published in 2003 and 2006.