Yazid Anani

Yazid Anani was born in 1975, Ramallah. He is an assistant professor at the Department of Architecture and the Master Program in Urban Planning and Landscape – Birzeit University, Palestine. Yazid Anani chaired the Academic Council of the International Art Academy Palestine 2010 – 2012. He is part of several collectives, and projects such as Decolonizing Architecture and Ramallah Syndrome and has curated and co-curated several projects such as Urban Cafés, Palestinian Cities – Visual Contention and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of Cities Exhibition and took part in several art projects. Anani has lectured and published internationally on issues of architecture and urban transformations, colonial spaces and power relations, public art and public spaces and art education. He is also the director of Public Program at the A.M. Qattan Foundation in Ramallah.