Najlaa El Ageli

Visual Arts - 2016
She is a UK-Registered Chartered Architect, having completed the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Levels I, II and III with over twenty years of experience in the profession. Fully bilingual in English and Arabic, she is also passionate about Art and travels and always seeks to learn more from different cultures. Argentina, West Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, the United States and Japan are just a few of the countries she have visited and when in Egypt and Japan she worked with local communities offering sustainable development programs. Due to her deep interest in Art and the need to explore and discover its potential, she recently founded Noon Arts, a private organization that curates the very best of contemporary Libyan art and bringing the works of both emerging and established Libyan artists to the world stage. So far, she have successfully curated eight international exhibitions in London, Malta, Tripoli and California, with the latest currently taking place this July 2015 at the Arab British Centre venue in London. Noon Arts was also recently commissioned by the Benetton Foundation in Italy to complete the Libyan Art catalogue for the Imago Mundi global Art project, a great measure of Noon Arts’ success.