Yassine Temlali

Cinema - 2016
Yassine Temlali, born in Algeria in 1969, is a journalist, translator and researcher in linguistics and Algerian contemporary history. He studied French literature and linguistics and is pursuing a PhD in History (university of Aix-en-Provence/Marseille, France).

He is the author of  “La genèse de la Kabylie. Aux origines de l’affirmation berbère en Algérie: 1830-1962” (The genesis of Kabylia: The Roots of Berber Assertiveness in Algeria” (Paris: Editions La Découverte, 2016/ Algiers: Editions Barzakh, 2015) and “Chroniques ciné-littéraires de deux guerres’’ (A Cinematic and Literary Chronicle of Two Wars, Algiers: Editions Barzakh, 2011). He also contributed to several works, including: “Telling, Broadcasting Mediterranean Stories: a Study on Documentary Film” (Rome: RAI Televisione Italiana, 2010) and “Histoire de l’Algérie à la période coloniale.1830-1962” (A History of Colonial Algeria. 1830-1962, Paris: Editions La Découverte/Algiers: Editions Barzakh,  2012).