Aser El Saqqa

Training and Regional Events - 2017
Creative director, programmer, festival producer, and cultural entrepreneur with extensive experience across the Middle East and in Europe promoting and managing emerging artists from the Arab world. He has a track record in building and sustaining significant institutional partnerships in the international cultural sector, in both the private and public sector, and with the UK arts and public education infrastructure. He has strong media relations, and is skilled in messaging the value of culture to explore issues of identity and roots, and to humanise perceived differences. He builds, leads and inspires successful teams, artists, partners and audiences with a vision of scaleable, borderless arts accessible to everyone. Aser began his career in Spain where he studied Applied Arts. He was Head of Public Relations for the Ministry of Culture in Gaza, Palestine before working as an analyst in London in 2001. He left the City to explore opportunities for Arts Canteen in 2009. He has since developed Arts Canteen as a leading platform for London’s diaspora arts scene, facilitating the exchange of art and ideas across social and geographical boundaries.